Where is the OUTRAGE???

     I have been surfing the many news pages for months and the headlines for the most part all mention on a daily basis the War in the Middle East.  It is either Iraq, bin Laden, Palestine, Saudi Arabia or the like.  Many articles are about America going to fight over in that part of the world - the pretext being that we are fighting terrorism.

     I have yet to see headlines about the Invasion of America on our Southern Border.  SILENCE is deafening on this topic.  The only time I read articles related to the Mexican invasion is when one or another ILLEGAL INVADER is spotlighted as not being able to get "in-state tuition" at some tax funded school, or, someone needs very expensive medical care.  All of this type of news coverage is based upon the bleeding heart mentality that we rich Americans should be opening our national door and bringing in all who wish to come and benefit from our years of hard work.

     We have laws regarding "immigration" and we have a procedure to be followed to legally enter America.  Many foreigners follow those rules and eventually are able to enter - legally - and then apply to become citizens.  I welcome each and every one of those people.  Members of my family originally entered America in this manner, coming in through Ellis Island.  Another part of my family was here to greet those as they were native Americans.

     I can't fathom the silence of the media in reporting on the stealth invasion of America by all those who avoid detection at legal entry points.  I can't fathom the silence by the media in making this a daily headline with the numbers in bold print like they did during the Viet Nam war with the body counts.

     I can't fathom why Bush, Cheney, Colin Powell,  Ashcroft, and all those in Congress are not doing daily press conferences alerting Americans to the invasion that has been and continues to take place every single day of the year.  

     Where is the OUTRAGE they had following Sept. 11th? Do we need planes diving into buildings and fires raging to stand in front of cameras saying that AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK!!!

     Why are the leaders of this nation so silent on this INVASION at our Southern Border?  What is the backroom deal that has been cut to keep the Welcome Wagon Ladies standing there with tables heaped high with goodies paid for by the American taxpayer?  Why are we not condemning Vicente Fox for sending in his stealth operatives as we condemn Osama bin Laden and his ilk?  What is the difference?

     We have almost daily ALERTS! about some threat of some kind from the terrorists but nothing about the INVASION of AMERICA.  Why is there such SILENCE on this matter?

     Recently Rudy Giulliani went to Mexico as a consultant to deal with the alarming crime rate there.  In fact, he was alleged to be the target of a kidnapping attack while there.  I hope dealing with the Mexican crime rate doesn't mean sending them North to the U.S.   Vicente Fox and his Coyotes have been doing that job already and quite successfully.

     I can hardly wait for Sen. 'Chatty' Patty Murray of Washington to hold a press conference exclaiming how Fox & Coyotes have built schools and all those same good things she is now applauding bin Laden for.  Perhaps we will have Jim McDermott standing along side of her telling of his recent visit and how wonderful those folks are that just want to find a better life in America.  Even better would be for all this to be BUY-Partisan and all those GOP politicians could stand with them pushing open the borders so everyone can have a miserable life when America is finally brought to her knees by the INVASION taking place before our eyes.

     I am telling you, there is something might strange going on.  America is being invaded and the leaders of America are pushing to open the gate even wider to the invaders.  They have already granted AMNESTY to thousands and now want to grant more options for the last wave of invaders.  They are keeping a lid on any news that exposes this invasion - twisting it to only promote the plight of those poor downtrodden ILLEGALS so as to build up more bleeding hearts to open our homes to the invading troops.  They won't even refer to them as what they are - illegal invading troops - they refer to them as undocumented aliens -  that is supposed to make us feel sorry for them and to ignore the fact that our laws have been violated.

     We also have George W. Bush - the president of AMERICA - opening the Social Security benefits to Mexicans.  I guess welfare, education, health care, housing, unemployment, isn't enough.  We need to send them SSA checks too.  

     Maybe we should bring Rudy Giulliani back here to deal with the ALARMING CRIME RATE in the Federal Government.  We have men in high places openly subverting American law and our Constitution.  If nothing else, maybe Rudy, with his recent experience at attending funerals, could officiate over the death of America as we knew it.

Where is the OUTRAGE?

     "Bye, bye, Miss American Pie - Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry.  Them good ol' boys were drinking whiskey and rye - Singing, 'This'll be the day that I die, This'll be the day that I die.' "

Jackie Juntti
December 20, 2002


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