The only "secure"
computer is an
"unplugged" computer.

Washington State Citizens Against National ID

Anyone who assures you personal data is safe and secure is either naive or lying. Harsh words you say? In today's world the only thing harsh is the federal government's ever increasing encroachment into the private lives of its citizens.

Are we a nation of sheep? Does our future hold the prospect of a governmental guard dog?
Under the guise of safety and security you are asked to give up your most personal information to the government's safekeeping. Well to use a favorite governmental phrase,
"...the need to know", we don't feel the government has - the need to know - such personal information. The fundamental right to privacy is asked to give way in order to achieve the illusion of security.

Encryption technology and civil liberties are like oil and water, while they both float are they destined to mix? Our government is spending billions of tax dollars in research and development programs creating the perfect mix of oil and water. In its most simplistic form, it is presented to citizens using the catch phrase,"National ID". This is a hotly debated issue among cryptographic policymakers in Washington D.C., intelligence agencies and programmers. The general citizenry is asked to put their most private selves into the hands of people far removed from everyday life. Encryption technology and its accompanying tools of the trade are deemed armaments of war and fall under national security "state of emergency" guidelines. Technically speaking: once your private data is on a database which falls under a "state of emergency"; constitutional rights cease to exist.

Don't be fooled. Your name on a governmental database makes your right to privacy subject to the whims of a governmental bureaucrat.

Currently, some of our state legislators are trying to jump on the Safety and Security bandwagon. The political mindset in Olympia feels requiring fingerprints and Social Security numbers on a driver's license is a wonderful idea. The original idea is a federal government brainstorm. Therefore, it must be a great idea, right? Right?

The response many governmental bureaucrats make to the wishes of the general citizenry - "If citizens say NO about a particular issue, move forward anyway , WHAT do they know."

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