Who is granny? "It is my belief that the LEAST government is the best. I do not agree with the existence of political parties as they are all corrupt and, in turn, they corrupt. "

Just who is this GrassRoots Granny named Jackie, I really am a grandma and I really am grassroots. I have belonged to both the Democrat and Republican parties. Seeing that there really is no difference between them, I am now truly an Independent.

It is my belief that the LEAST government is the best. I do not agree with the existence of political parties as they are all corrupt and, in turn, they corrupt.

It is also my belief and desire to see a return to voting in person at the local polling booth and that all computer and absentee voting be done away with. It is the only way any credibility will return to the ballot box.

My thought on campaign finance reform is also very simple. If you can vote for a candidate/issue then, and only then, can you contribute money to that campaign. That will eliminate all PAC's, Unions, Corporations, Political Party's, outside influence of any kind. It will also force the candidates to get back to the people they represent and be accountable for what they have or have not done.

The full-time Congress and state legislature is a farce. There is NO NEED for so much time to be spent doing what should be done by those we elect to represent us. I propose that for every new piece of legislation presented there would have to be a minimum of five (5) existing laws deleted. We are overtaxed and over regulated. These bodies were never meant to be full time careers and it is time to reverse this travesty that has taken place. I do not agree with term limits as it removes the good along with the rotten fruit. If the 'money, presumed power, and lack of accountability' was removed then we would get decent people in office. We have the Clintons, the Doles, the Bushs, the Diane Feinsteins, because the Grassroots have been deprived of the vote by means of the fraud that has taken over the ballot box. Ever wonder how the TV networks can predict the vote so close, way before the votes have been counted?? I'm Polish and even I can figure out that one.

Now you have a peek into this GrassRoots Granny and what makes me fight with such passion on issues concerning my freedom and how I live each day. I am perfectly capable of making my own decisions and I think most people are too. I do not need "Uncle", in whatever agency form he may appear, deciding how I should live and how I should think. I have a much greater authority that directs how I am to live and it is His direction I seek daily. This page is here to inform others of the sneaky way this bunch in power has usurped our freedom. I am not here to argue these points, only to place the information out here for you to decide how it affects you and yours.

It is not my job to convert anyone, nor is it my place to judge anyone. The Holy Spirit will open the eyes of those that are ready to receive God's Word and God will judge each of us at the appointed time. I start each day with Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me". As long as I keep my eyes on Christ I can walk on the water, if I glance away I shall surely sink.

So, you can see I like to keep things very simple. Legislation should be in the fewest words possible so it does not become a snare for the common people. A return to the basics in every area would eliminate most of our problems. Get rid of the bloated political system and we could all live happily and enjoy the abundant fruits of our labor.

If our Creator felt that only Ten (10) laws were necessary, why does man think several million are better?

Remember, it is not WHO you are, it is WHOSE you are.


"It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error."
U.S. Supreme Court in American Communications Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382,442

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