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80-Year-Old Charged with Assault

March 17, 2004

Tucson City Council
Tucson, Arizona

I have received information that an 80 year-old resident of Arizona has been charged with assault for removing the mask of a person who was taunting and terrorizing her. Causing her to feel threatened and intimidated.

The details that I have received indicate that a group of citizens had obtained a permit to have a lawful assemblage at a Tucson City Park for the purpose of presenting to government officials petitions requesting that the government take some specific actions. Exercising their right to petition.

Also attending the assemblage were, without valid permit, individuals who were present to harass the petition bearers. From the descriptions of the signs that the illegal participants carried it would seem they were not opposing the petitions or the actions of the petitions but were strictly there to harass and intimidate the lawfully assembled citizens.

All of the individuals who were there illegally wore masks, carried signs espousing racial hatred, and terrorists type slogans, not unlike the KKK of old. The label Gringo was used in a context and in a manner that is no less of a hate term than any other term that, the public use of, will bring hate crime prosecution. The in-your-face screaming, while wearing masks and waiving what I believe to be obscene and hate filed signs was meant to provoke a physical response and to possibly incite riotous actions.

The verbiage contained on the opposition signs is such that if it were broadcast from a radio or television station it would bring fines from the FCC. Yet the authorities present allowed it to be put on public display in a public park. Your public park.

You set the absolute policies of which laws will be enforced and how those laws will be enforced. You set the policy, the tone and the environment, written or not, if certain laws apply to everyone or just certain individuals. When present in uniform the Tucson Police Officers are not acting as individuals but as your representatives, they are acting in your name. You are the City of Tucson.

The individuals who “crashed” the peaceful assemblage are clearly out to undermine the U.S. Government. Do you think they were there as individuals? I suspect that there had to be some group or organization that conspired to organize them and write the script for them.

But look closer, they also want to be rid of Arizona, Pima County and Tucson. They are coming for your jobs. Read their signs. Look in their faces, if you can.

These “anti” demonstrators should have been arrested and charged with hate crimes, Patriot Act violations not to mention park permit violations, in my estimation. Why cover their faces? Ashamed of what they were doing? Afraid that their identity would link them to an organization? Afraid that they would face deportation? Maybe they don't want their wifes, mothers, sisters or girl friends to know how they treat 80 year-old women.

If you do not cause this incident to be thoroughly investigated you are, in effect, taking action to condone these type of behaviors.

I shed a tear for Tucson and I will say a prayer for Tucson.

CF: AZ Attorney General, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Mayor of Tucson, Chief of Police Tucson, Pima County Board of Supervisors, Governor of Arizona.

Tim Richardson


      March 28, 2004
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