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To:  U.S. Congress
Cc:  President <[email protected]>,
       Vice President <[email protected]>
Date:  Fri, 28 Feb 2003 09:00:37
Subject:  IF you listen you can hear the HEARTBEAT

February 28, 2003

To the Congress of the United States of America

Go tell the White House.

The White House seems to be not only mute but deaf as well.

There is a deafening silence emanating from the White House in response to American's domestic concerns. The President and his administration stand facing East, seemingly unaware of what is happening behind them.  

While there should be concern and action to negate Iraq as a threat to the world, it should not be all consuming.  Eradicating that threat should not come at the expense of bankrupting America.  It should not come at the expense of giving America away in exchange for votes.

Go tell the White House that there is a muffled thump, thump, thump that they are not hearing and it is the HEARTBEAT OF AMERICA.  

Two days ago America's heart skipped a beat with the murder of Border Patrol Agent Jorge Luis Salomon. Murdered simply because he was a Border Patrol Agent.  

Go tell the White House there was a Heartbeat murmur when the Border Patrol Agent was ambushed in Arizona.  

Go tell the White House there were four Heartbeat skips when the U.S. Marine pilots died fighting to keep our sovereignty near El Paso.  

Go tell the White House there was a Heartbeat skip when the Park Ranger Kris Eggle was murdered in one of our National Parks.

Go tell the White House there is a skip of the Heartbeat each and every time an American dies because their medical care was given to an illegal alien.

Go tell the White House that there was a Heartbeat murmur with the announcement that Homeland security is being exchanged for votes in the U.N. Security Council, as reported in the French but not American news.

Go tell the White House there was a Heartbeat murmur when Asa Hutchinson, former DEA chief and new head of the Border Patrol said, "We don't want to put up a wall around the United States. Hutchinson conceded that his agency does not have the manpower to track down the nation's estimated 8 million illegal immigrants.  Tell the White House the Heartbeat will have the power.

Go tell the White House there is a Heartbeat murmur with every ton of illegal drugs crossing our borders past the DEA.

Go tell the White House that each time that there is a Heartbeat skipped or a Heartbeat murmur the thump, thump, thump gets louder and stronger.  

Go tell them that it will not be long before they will hear nothing but THE HEARTBEAT OF AMERICA.

Go tell the White House that the HEARTLAND of America will be speaking soon and speaking loud.  Tell them the backlash against the invasion is inevitable and nearly at hand.

Go tell the White House that the Heartbeat will speak before the first official action occurs in Iraq.  Go tell them that when it starts it will start in the Heartland, Saint Louis or Chicago or Seattle or Kansas City or Falls Church or Denver or Atlanta and then spread rapidly and loudly.

Go tell the White House that THE HEARTBEAT will be loud enough to secure the border.  And will be heard around the world.

Go and the White House the story that the Rev. King told of the woman whose husband died.  She arranged his funeral and ordered a headstone.  She told the mason that he was a simple man and to just put his name, his date of birth, his date of death and the words REST IN PEACE.  After he was laid to rest she filed to collect his insurance only to find out he had cashed in the policies and there was not any money.  She contacted the mason and said to add to the headstone the words.  Until I get there!

Go tell the White House that is the message from the Heartland.  Until we get there.

You go tell them, please, they can't seem to hear the thump, thump, thump.

Tim Richardson


      February 28, 2003
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