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Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 05:46:36
Subject:  Here's to you

February 28, 2003

Mayors and City Councils of Tempe and Mesa, Arizona:

The day before yesterday a 23 year-old Border Patrol Agent was stoned to death near Naco, Sonora, Mexico.  He was off duty visiting his family.  He was stoned to death because he was a Border Patrol Agent.  Stoned to death.

You might as well have thrown the rocks yourselves.  I lay this murder, the murder of the Park Ranger, the ambush attack on a Border Patrol Agent and all the attacks to follow at the feet of the cities such as yours who have taken steps to back door legitimize illegal aliens.

Your actions concerning the Mexico issued ID cards, that are not accepted in many states in Mexico, has lit another flame to draw the moths.  Why do you think that they do not already have this card when the jump the border?  Your actions have made you quasi agents for the government of Mexico.  The people waiting to cross the border, and there are over 100,000 just along Arizona, see these actions as an invitation.  

They don't spend their money in your economy.  They send it home to be spent in the Mexican economy.  But now you have granted them services at taxpayer expense.

They don't understand why you are inviting them here, making it as easy as possible to blend in and hide, while Border Patrol Agents try to keep them out.  

So they kill them.

The amount of death, destruction, disease and criminal activity associated with illegal immigration is gargantuan and growing daily.

You would probably erect a statue to Typhoid Mary.

May YOU reap all that illegal aliens bring to your community.

Tim Richardson


      February 28, 2003
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