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Who's Kidding Who?

To:  State Secretary Colin Powell
Cc:  U.S. President; U.S. Vice President
Sent:  Wednesday, February 26, 2003 7:42 AM
Subject:  Who's Kidding Who?

February 25, 2003

United States Secretary of State
Colin Powell
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

Dear Secretary Powell:

Ever wonder why Mexico has not taken a clear, firm, definitive stand on Iraq? Never clearly communicated what their position is and why.

Could it be they are afraid that they will be found out to have many of the same philosophies towards human rights as Iraq? Except maybe for military weapons of mass destruction. And now Mexico is threatening normalizing relations with Cuba in order to get U.S. attention. They already had my attention without that.

Mexico is conducting an ethnic cleansing. The Spanish Aristocrats are shoving what they believe to be the lowest classes across our border to avoid having to acknowledge responsibility for providing even the basic necessities of life. And they are going about doing it in a manner so as to blame the U.S. for the plight of these people.

Mexico's plan of insurgence is aimed at having the United States pay for the maintenance of the exported people while pulling those people's wages into the Mexico government coffers. Their plan is being implemented in such a manner as to completely bypass any accords, treaties or diplomat agreement processes.

At the same time they have convinced those coming north that they are doing them a favor, for which they should be eternally grateful and the migrants should continue sending money to support the country that has abandoned supporting them.

The people crossing the border are from the classes that the U.S. would equate to Native Americans and African-Americans. Watch the soap operas from Mexico. Compare these people's physical characteristics to those crossing the border. Nary an African-Mexican in the cast of the shows. Light hair, light eyes and light skin. The upper classes take offense if someone suggests that they are a part of "brown" population. They try to look as Spanish and "white" as possible.

Government leaders of Mexico don't need, nor actually want, an amnesty program. What they do want is to be able to show that not having one is YOUR fault. And the fault of the President of the United States and all of the racist Americans who are not Hispanic. The exported people might stop sending money home if it seemed to be Mexico's fault.

While you are distracted with Iraq they are back-dooring and pursuing their own agenda, underhandedly, from the bottom up. The Mexican government is lobbying almost every state legislative body directly, without monitoring by the U.S. State Department. Daily, Mexican consulate staffs are lobbying all levels of local American government.

The U.S. Council of Bishops of the Catholic Church, along with their Mexican counterparts have joined the bandwagon and encourage their membership to openly assist the illegal aliens already here and those contemplating coming. They even have the U.S. Treasurer, a former citizen of Mexico, play drums on the bandwagon.

The Council of Bishops is not to be confused with the lay Catholic member. The Bishops are at a level in the church hierarchy that their mission is to Promote, Perpetuate, Preserve and Protect the institution.

Their own press release shows that 71% of the new members of the U.S. Catholic Church are the result of immigration. Ready made Catholics. Catholics that know how to be subservient to the Church. Catholics that are being promised by the Catholic Church that they have an absolute right to cross the border.

The goal is get them to the United States for better paying jobs so that they will now have enough money to make guilt driven contributions to the churches here and at home. A lot of money is needed to settle the large lawsuit awards.

The culture of Mexico, South and Central America is such that these people do not understand what all the fuss is about with priests and sex. It happens; so what?

It has not become a scandal, as opposed to not happening, in these countries because this type of behavior is accepted by the culture. A culture in which you do not embarrass the Church by pointing out the abhorrent behavior of some priests. It happens, you ignore(condone)it and go on. If you embarrass the Church you might be excommunicated.

This is the same culture that believes breaking out of prison should not be, and is not, a crime. Or running from the police should not be, and is not, a crime. Or the renting of police uniforms and vehicles is just a part of normal business. Or that vigilantes should cause political/social change. A culture that would not be able to tolerate a "Block Watch" program which flies in the face of their "lais sez faire" way of life.

Everyone of the 54 Mexican Consulates, especially the San Diego office with the I.N.S. ID cards, should be temporarily closed and the people sent home. New employees should only be allowed with the screening and concurrence of the U.S. Department of State with admonishments of following strict guidelines of decorum.

Every church and non-profit organization that has demonstrated that they support and encourage breaking, ignoring and circumventing the various laws of and within the United States or clearly show that they are assisting people with breaking, ignoring and circumventing the various laws of and within the United States should be removed from their tax exempt status and investigated for potential criminal prosecution.

The government of Mexico is neither a good neighbor nor a friend.

Tim Richardson


      February 25, 2003
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