$120,000 Taxpayer FUNDED Illegal Invader Coddling Facility
Complete with Maid Service

Neighborhood of Work Center
Photo taken standing at the Job Center Entrance gate, where the Barrio starts. The area straight ahead three blocks, one block right and left three blocks is a slice of the Old Mexico City slum. The bue truck headed away has a Sinola (state in Mexico) license plate.

Work Center Gate Sign
Work Center Gate Signs: To the right of the signs and the black light post is the entrance gate. A little further right is the street with the trash.

Work Center Gate Sign
A McDonalds - across from the Work Center - donated $10,000 for the project.
Two quart-bottle beer drinkers sit at the corner of the property.

Sino la Mexido
A truck parked in the neighborhood with a Sinola, Mexico plate. Photos not shown here were plates on vehicles issued from Hildago and Chihuahua states.

Sonora/Glendale License Plate
Note local business participation - this license plate holder is of a local dealership. It's commonly known that if a vehicle has only one plate it has probably been stolen locally and the plate brought in from Mexico.

Trash around Work Center
Artistically placed trash in the street around the Work Center. Where's that Maid Service?
Shrine of
Shrine/altar complete with lighted candles - "prayer and worship" inside the facility.

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