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To:  Phoenix Mayor, [email protected], [email protected]
Cc:  "New44" [email protected]
From:  "tim richardson"  [[email protected]]
Sent:  Monday, February 17, 2003 9:51 PM
Subject:  Seeing Is Believing

February 17, 2003

An Open Letter to the Mayor and City Council of the City of Phoenix, Arizona

I had an opportunity during Presidentsí weekend to tour your new job center and the neighborhood it is located in. To say I was awe struck would be a great understatement. I was truly amazed at what you were able to do with $120,000.00.

The manner in which you were able to protect the property values for Bank One Ballpark, the Phoenix Sunís Arena and Civic Plaza was pure genius and at the same time provide equivalent living conditions for a segment of the community was great. I have not often seen something of this magnitude. It will be an inspiration to many as I distribute the digital pictures I have taken.

I have not seen anything like this since Inchon, Korea in 1962 or Saigon, Vietnam in 1967 or South Phoenix in the early 1990s or pictures of similar terrain in news photos of Mexico City in 2003.

And it all looked so real.

The job center itself is a work of art, what with the real looking religious alter/shrine with lighted candles and all, safely locked inside. The two men sitting on the corner of the property drinking beer from quart bottles was very believable. The newspaper in place of windows, just like the old west, the cardboard for doors. Great minds at work with the vehicles, some with no license plates, license plates from four different states of Mexico represented, a vehicle with two temporary plates. Cannot say enough about the trash, garbage and refuse in the streets, placing it there was purely artistic.

What was truly Hollywood though was talking with those two guys dressed as Phoenix Police, they even had a Phoenix Police repli-car. Had me convinced until I talked with them.

They were talking with a Hollywood type. At least he said he was from Southern California. Said the people from California that owned part of the ďApartmentsĒ were angry at him because the police would not take a breaking and entry report. Claimed he had been threatened with receiving a $2,500 fine for having unregistered vehicles on the property he was hired to manage.

He left and I talked with the gentlemen acting as Phoenix Police. I asked why all those vehicles with obvious out-of-state plates ( isnít Mexico still out-of-state for now?) were not given tickets to have the vehicles registered in Arizona since it was obvious the owners had taken up residence. Also asked why the California manager, with California plates on his truck, was not given a ticket. The scripted response was they did not do those types of things. Of course not, even if the MVD has an ongoing campaign with an 800 number and everything. What was I thinking? It wasnít in the script. They could loose their standing in the guild.

My hat is off to you. To be able to move blighted slums around in this fashion can only be accomplished by a few. A chuck out of Central Phoenix moved to North Phoenix. What can a person say? You deserve some sort of an award. I will be sharing my experience, and pictures, with as many people as I can in an effort to find you your just rewards.

Awe struck in McNeal

Tim Richardson


      February 17, 2003
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