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Breach of Diplomacy

To:  [email protected]
Cc:  vice.presi[email protected]
From:  tim richardson [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent:  Friday, February 14, 2003
Subject:  Breach of Diplomacy

February 14, 2003

President of The United States George W. Bush Washington, D.C.

Dear President Bush;

In a prior communication to you I informed you that the then Foreign Minister of Mexico was quoted by a Houston, TX, newspaper as saying that directions had gone out that the 54 Mexican Consulate offices in the United States were to become more militant in their actions to secure status for illegal immigrants.

I also pointed out to you that the Mexican Consulate General, stationed in Phoenix, was taking those directions to heart and was becoming deeply involved in local politics. He and his staff were participating in conferences with, among others, the Arizona Town Hall, where subjects normally considered to be matters of State were being discussed without anyone from the U.S. Department of State being in attendance.

I told you that I believed that these conference connections and back room agreements would be coming up as a justification for his further participation.

This has happened. Day by day Consular Beltran injections himself, and his staff, deeper and deeper in to local politics. According to an Arizona Republic article:   [ http://www.arizonarepublic.com/arizona/articles/0212hispanics12.html ]

"Breaking away from the usual etiquette of international diplomacy, Mexico's highest-ranking official in Arizona on Tuesday condemned proposed state laws aimed at clamping down on undocumented immigrants."

"Expressing doubts that the bills targeting illegal immigration will pass, Ruben Beltran, the Mexican consul general in Phoenix, said the proposals are dividing a state where the Latino population is booming."

Just a few short months ago 12 Americans were summarily expelled from Mexico because of attempting to participate in local Mexican politics.

No less should happen to this Consulate and his staff.

Tim Richardson


      February 14, 2003
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