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From:  "tim richardson" [[email protected]]
Sent:  Wednesday, February 12, 2003 11:43 PM
Subject:  Cock-A-Doodle-Do

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From:  "Condor" [[email protected]]
Subject:  Re: For posting
Date:  Thu, 13 Feb 2003 09:45:12 -0800

I just read this "open letter" by Tim Richardson and I was impressed.

I have been in law enforcement most of my adult life and I keep hearing this rhetoric over and over again, but the American People are generally very stupid or don't care anymore. I know, I have tried to convince them as well as Congressmen and Senators with little luck.

I have made sacrifices for this country since I was in college and later in the U.S. Secret Service in 1974, then later in the SDPD in San Diego (1978-1981), then U.S. Mint Police in 1982-83, and then finally in transferred over to the U.S. Customs 1983-1998 and NOW I am a whistleblower trying to survive as a licensed private investigator/consultant.

I really loved my jobs in the SDPD and U.S. Customs as it was here in San Diego and I could still enjoy what I had without worrying about the status of being in the Secret Service and have to endure the weather, lack of sunshine and nice beaches weather, etc... Besides, where else could you arrest more people for violating smuggling laws but at the U.S.-Mexican border?

I also really loved what I did as it made a very big impact on the people I had contact with on a daily basis and all the drug smugglers and felony fugitives I arrested or intercepted and the many illegals I personally caught over the 16 years I worked in U.S. Customs. I donated more of my time on a daily basis than most people do in a lifetime or career. (I used to work 8-16 hours a day and work and average of 7 days a week or 56 hours a week WITHOUT weekends off to spend time with my family and children.

Nobody seems to care about the "personal" sacrifices I make or that of others until they DIE!!!

I wish America would get their respective heads out of their ASSES and wake up!!!!

There is serious CORRUPTION in OUR country and no one seems to be enforcing the laws at the higher levels and the administration is FULLY aware of these issues. I have written the White House and President Clinton as well as BUSH. I received a letter from the chief of staff (posted on my web site) form Andrew card, but I was told I would NOT even get a response from Clinton.

I have written letters to all the previous commissioners to NO AVAIL.

I have tried and tried until I was tried and stressed out and then I tried again. Still NOTHING!!!

You can't do it all yourself and we all need support. I still pay for a web site that helps inform and educate the American public abut this corruption and I am still hoping to gain the support of others I can NOT afford to do it all by myself.

I have been in the newsmedia "officially" since 1995 when I went public about the problems that exist on the borders as well as in U.S. Customs.

We will NEVER have enough personnel at the borders because that's the way the administration wants it. That way they can smuggle with Military/Government planes, boats, trains, vehicles, submarines, tunnels, etc...

Someone at the TOP is benefiting, or there wouldn't be a DRUG problem!

The main thing I want to impress upon all of you is that I have a lot of experience in law enforcement and I am a whistleblower without any support at all.

I pay my own bills and get what I can through very little work and my wife . I used to get donations through radio shows by about 15-20 people per show that may have donated between $5.00 -$20 on occasion. But still no serious help or assistance from OUR government or elected officials at all.

I had to hire an attorney on a "contingency fee" basis because I could NOT afford to hire one with real money ($50,000 minimum) I do NOT own a house or other property except a car that I got after an attempt on my life by a driver in a specially built over sized truck with a crash bar and over sized tires with his lights off at 9:30 in the evening outside my humble apartment . I suffered 4 broken ribs and escaped death. (11-25-95) This was 5 days before I was to report back to work after someone at Customs turned off the ventilation system where I was working which caused me to be overcome with carbon monoxide poisoning. Remember, I had been reporting corruption within the agency since 1986 and public on 10-2-95. (Just less than two weeks before the attempt on my life.) I was off on OWCP workman's comp for about 8 or 9 months.

During that time off, as I still do today, I received DEATH THREATS and I had my TECS records altered and moved as well as my access to computers restricted while I was still conducting legitimate Customs work while I was on injury leave. I was also ordered to turn in my badge and credential prior to my "new" unwanted "desk assignment" after the injury leave stopped and Customs failed to accommodate me as they have done for others. (Including promotions) Everyone else was treated differently and accommodated. I later got to keep my badge in a Lucite block and my Customs law enforcement credential was destroyed after corrupt Customs managers obtained it illegally. ALL Customs employee are supposed to have an identification card or credential and badge. I was ordered to give mine up as part of retaliation. I was NOT under any investigation. They just didn't want me to have the authority to carry a gun or investigate anything. My CCW permit is also being blocked by Customs through the local San Diego Sheriff and it also prevents me from being able to protect myself. (I later got a replacement credential after I pointed out the laws in the 19 CFR code of federal regulations) When I left Customs, I was as also allowed to have a credential with a hole punched "CANCEL" stamp. ALL Customs employees, as well as others, are allowed to have new credentials when a new commissioner takes over the agency and it needs to be updated.

The government protects it's own kind. NOT YOU OR ME.

We will ALL be protected when whistleblowers are protected.

Whistleblowers are NOT protected!!! We are exposing the truth and trying to continue to do our jobs.

When the "corrupt officials" fear the honest employees, we will then only begin to have INTEGRITY! Until then everyone will suffer and there will be nothing you can do when it is too late.

I do NOT wish to be remembered as a nice guy who got killed. I would rather be remembered as a warrior who fought until the bitter end and sacrificed ALL for his country and family. I have been to many cop funerals and it is always too late to say good bye.

Fix things now while we can and not until it is too late while others take advantage of us and line their pockets with gold because of our blood, sweat and tears.

Most say it is NOT worth it to become a whistleblower or do what is right and sacrifice your careers. I am beginning to believe what others are saying. That America is not worth MY sacrifice. I have suffered a lot and I am still suffering.

I still have a court case in federal U.S. District Court here in San Diego because Customs violated my civil right and even went as far as to set me up on a traffic stop to have me illegally arrested. (The Superior Court Judge threw their case out)

The Judge is making SERIOUS mistakes and allowing defendants to be dropped from the case without legal reasons. My appeals could take about another 18 months. By that time, I could either be on welfare or out on the street.

Your government doesn't care about me. Why would they care about you?

John Carman
Former U.S. Customs/Secret Service/INS/U.S. Mint Police/San Diego Police

John Carman-Former U.S.Secret Service-U.S.Customs/INS-SDPD
Director-Carman Investigations
California State License P.I.8686
P.O. Box 3811
La Mesa, Ca. 91944
Pager: (619)601-9250
Cell: (619)806-0047
[email protected]


      February 13, 2003
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