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Sent:  Wednesday, February 12, 2003 6:28 AM
Subject:  The Real Issue

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February 12, 2003

An Open Letter to The Arizona House of Representatives

For consideration when HB 2316, relating to home country ID cards, comes to a floor vote.

Recent news coverage of the vote on HB 2316 said that some individuals believe that this and other contemplated measures relating to any illegal immigration control are race/ethnic motivated.

These individuals seem to protest for only a single ethnic group and for only a few countries that are representative of that ethnic group. They don't lobby for the illegal Russians, illegal Chinese, illegal Koreans, illegal Serbians, illegal Canadians or illegal Afghans.

The same news coverage gave out predictions that the debates/lobbying would become nasty because of the race/ethnic element.

It shouldn't become nasty. The contemplated actions or opposition to contemplated actions are neither race nor ethnic motivated.

The issues are money driven by the people and organizations of either side. Nothing more.

One side trying to grab all they can and the other trying to hold on to what they have.

The majority of illegals are here because of money. Many had jobs back home which just didn't pay enough to keep up with the Jones.

Banks want to use the country-of-origin issued ID cards because they want to get as much business as they can away from the pure wire transfer companies, such as Western Union. Western Union has reported transferring to Mexico and South America four to five times the volume of the banks. Western Union does not need I.D. cards because they do not open accounts. Every transaction is stand-alone. The identification is required at the receiving end as described in the instructions of the sender. No fuss no muss.

The foreign government representatives, who are lobbying the Arizona Legislature, and Governor, are interested in the dollars that will be sent to their countries and deposited in their government's banks. They are interested in avoiding having to pay for services that they can talk the American states and cities into paying for them, without going through the lengthy process of treaties and accords with the U.S. Department of State.

Of course the most glaring is Mexico. The admitted large economy-driving factor is the wages sent home by the illegals. The un-admitted, even larger, economy-driving factor is smuggling. Smuggling people, smuggling drugs, smuggling children and smuggling contraband. It brings to their economy at least twice the value of sent-home earnings.

Control the border and those factors become extinct.

It is not race related, it is not ethnic related. It is money related.

Anyone who tells you any differently is lying to you. It is about any and all illegals, the costs of any and all illegal immigration and the profits of any and all illegal immigration. Even using a library is a tax supported benefit to which illegals are not entitled. It is just a method for establishing current presence so that 5 years from now it can be used with the next round of amnesty.

The costs are ours, the profits are theirs.

We cannot afford it.

Tim Richardson


      February 12, 2003
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