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From: "tim richardson" [[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 11:43 PM
Subject: Cock-A-Doodle-Do

February 12, 2003

An Open Letter To All The Citizens of the United States

Wake up.

The government of Mexico, all the illegal alien support groups, the Mexican political parties and now the U.S. Catholic Church’s Council of Bishops have convinced the illegal aliens that they are ENTITLED to whatever they can take, legally or not, or manipulate the U.S. citizens into giving them. The Council of Bishops has gone so far as to assert that these people are ENTITLED to cross the borders at will.

Make no mistake these people are entitled. But the only thing that they are entitled to on this side of the border is sympathy, empathy, compassion, regard for them as human beings and a safe bus ride to the southern border.

The illegal aliens are being used as pawns by their own governments, political parties, smuggling cartels, human rights attorneys and now the Catholic Church.

The material things that they ARE entitled to rest in the mansions, the off-shore bank accounts, the luxury cars, the yachts, the out of country homes and foreign investments of the Mexico’s upper classes of rich and ultra rich.

They should go home and claim that to which they are entitled, through force if necessary. They will have my moral support and undying admiration.

I receive a disability income. This January it was adjusted for cost of living by $35 dollars. My health insurance, connected with the disability, went up $56. Gasoline is going up daily. Taxes, fees and surcharges are on the way up. Year by year my income is shrinking in its net purchasing power.

Now there are groups of people trying to say that people illegally in this country are ENTITLED to a portion of that. Building more libraries means more taxes. More schools, more taxes. More free health care, more taxes. More illegals, more jails, more taxes.

I do not believe that the people illegally in this country, no matter the country of origin or reason for being here, are entitled to what I have earned. And I will do everything in my power to ensure that they do not get any more of it.

If they were there during two troop-ship traverses of the Pacific Ocean;
If they were there in a cold bitter winter in Korea;
If they were there for nine months in Death Valley;
If they were there searching for and finding the cooked bodies of lost tourists in Death Valley;
If they were there pulling people out of the flood waters in Louisville, Kentucky;
If they were there performing crowd control for the UC Berkley marches on Oakland Army Terminal;
If they were there during the body escort duties, to Tulsa OK and Stamps AR, taking soldiers killed in Vietnam home to their families;
If they were there putting flags on the thousands of headstones at the San Bruno Cemetery on Memorial Day;
If they were there dodging mortars and tracer rounds in Vietnam;
If they were there loading wounded Marines on planes at Phu Bai airport;
If they were there being spat upon on return from Vietnam;
If they were there fighting for equal education opportunities for evening students;
If they were there at the forest fires in Arizona;
If they were there pulling Arizonans from flooding waters;
If they were there sending 1,500 Arizona National Guard soldiers to Desert Storm;
If they were there comforting the families as their loved ones departed;
If they were there to receive the body of an Arizona National Guard Soldier killed in Desert Storm;
If they were there at CPS to take custody of abused grandchildren;
If they were there to fight for the support care required for abused grandchildren or;
If they were there to fight for the availability of appropriate education opportunities for grandchildren.

If they were there; they might be entitled. But they were not there.

I was there.

I earned it, that is why I am entitled, and the illegals are not. And that is why I will do everything in my power to ensure that they do not get any more of my earnings.

You had better do the same.

It is not a race thing, it is not an ethnic thing, IT is an economic and earnings thing.

Tim Richardson

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      February 13, 2003
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