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Medical Costs of Illegal Immigration

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From:  "tim richardson"   [email protected]
Date:  Fri, 7 Feb 2003 13:12:09 -0700
Subject:  Medical Costs of Illegal Immigration

February 7, 2003

To:  Arizona Congressional Delegation

In your efforts to obtain information concerning the medical costs of illegal immigration please keep the following information in mind when INS reports the dollars.

It is the policy of the INS to not, NOT, take illegals into custody until medical treatment has been completed. If an illegal is hurt in an automobile accident and requires six months of treatment that illegal is not arrested until discharged from the hospital. The bill for that illegal does not go against the INS numbers since the treatment was not received after arrest.

The INS figures will probably not include the now 200 illegals in Arizona receiving weekly dialysis treatment, mandated by the Federal Courts. Including the costs of supporting their families in the area of the treating hospitals. Nor the dialysis treatments given free in other states.

The INS figures will not include the costs for the daily use of emergency rooms as general clinics because the INS does not arrest these people when they appear. They will tell you, as the INS PR Rep did recently, it is not their job to apprehend illegal aliens, just the people who would prey on them. (News article available)

The INS figures will not include the medical costs for Americans who have been injured by illegal aliens that do not have liability insurance.

The INS figures will not include the costs of the Americans who have to be medically treated because of the diseases that the illegals bring with them, such as TB. They will tell you that it is not their problem.

The INS figures will not include the American family medical costs of having to treat, and re-treat, tens of thousands of Arizona school children each year for head lice. They will tell you the costs are not available.

It IS the policy of the INS to allow anyone seeking medical treatment no matter how minor to cross the border, through the Ports of Entry, to obtain free service at American hospitals. They will tell the costs are not tracked.

Whatever the final figures come out take them times 49.

Let's get the numbers right.

Tim Richardson


      February 9, 2003
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