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Fox In The Hen House?

Date:  Thu, 6 Feb 2003 19:52:47 -0700
Subject:  Fox In The Hen House?

February 5, 2003

TO:  The Arizona House of Representatives and the Arizona State Senate.

Fox in the hen house? Pun intended.

The Governor of Arizona has declared an emergency quarantine of chickens along the California, Nevada and Arizona borders because of deadly, to chickens, Newcastle disease.

The spokesperson for the taskforce to curb Newcastle disease in California says he does not understand how the disease is spreading because it jumped 100 miles of desert and that is too far for chickens to walk.

California has had to destroy 1.7 million chickens in an attempt to stop the disease and had to stop the sales of exotic birds and poultry equipment.

The initial outbreak in California was attributed to backyard flocks in the LA area. Las Vegas attributed it s outbreak to backyard flocks.

The chicken farmers in Mexico threatened to blockade the Ports-Of-Entry to the United States, on New Years Day, because they believe they are not getting a fair price for their chickens under NAFTA.

Once California started killing their chickens the Mexico farmers backed off of their threat to blockade.

The chicken farmers in Mexico again threatened to blockade the border, last week.

Now Arizona chickens have Newcastle disease and are in threat of being destroyed because of this disease, which miraculously jumped 100 miles of desert.

Tests by the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa, concluded that the chickens were killed by the exact virus that has been devastating California. The finding troubles health and agriculture officials, since border quarantines have been in effect for a month.

Now the questions are:

Who would benefit from an economic terrorist attack on the chickens grown in the United States?

Is there a border of a country that the Governor of Arizona, and the CDC, should be closing along with the neighboring state s borders?

Got an answer? Give up? I ll give you a hint, it begins with Mexic-.

President Vincente Fox has declared that the people crossing the border are no threat. Here is the headline from an article today.

VA. TROOPER SHOT DURING ARREST OF MAN SUSPECTED IN POISON-WATER PLOT. The article described the man, Ipolito "Polo" Campos, as using phony immigration documents and a false Social Security number and said Campos was connected to a plot to poison Virginia's waters, according to federal court records.

Federal prosecutors say Campos had previously been kicked out of the U.S.

I guess I do not know the definition of the word threat. Do you?

Tainted chicken and poisoned water. Those are not threats. They are actions, terrorist actions.

Have a glass of water and a piece of chicken and think about it.

Tim Richardson

The February count is 15,000 new illegals in Arizona and 6 tons of marijuana delivered.


      February 9, 2003
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