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Long Arm of Whose Law?

From:  "tim richardson"   [email protected]
Date:  Mon, 3 Feb 2003 19:17:05 -0700
Subject:  Long Arm of Whose Law?

Sent Feb 3

February 3, 2003

TO: The Arizona House of Representatives and the Arizona State Senate

As you consider all of the pending legislation that might help or restrict the effects of illegal alien traffic in Arizona think about this.

The long arm of President Vincente Fox has reached in to the Executive Branch over the past few years.

The long arm of President Vincente Fox has reached in to the State and Federal Legislative Branches.

And now here is clear evidence that his arm has reached in to the Judicial Branch in Pima County.

A recent article in the Arizona Republic reported that a death row inmate, in the State Prison in Florence, had his death sentence changed to 25 years to life because he is a citizen of Mexico.

Not the result of the Clemency Board, nor an appeal to the Governor , nor an appeal to a higher court. It was worked out in a deal between the Pima Country Attorney, the inmate's attorney and a Pima Country Superior Court Judge. I am sure that if you check, you will find that the inmate s attorney is being paid by Mexico.

A race based decision made because of the convicted murder s country of origin.

His sentence was changed because of an agreement between the prosecutor and the defense attorney in the case, according to Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Relations.

None of the facts in the case changed. The victim is still dead. The only thing that changed is that Mexico got involved. Pima Country is the financial base for the rich of Sonora, Mexico. Recent articles have documented that it is in Bank One in Tucson were they keep their money.

Pima County s publicly funded Public Defender and illegal immigrant advocate is on a committee that reports directly to President Vincente Fox as committee chair.

The information about this sentencing change did not come about because of a press conference or news release by the Pima Country Attorney's Office, nor from the Pima County Superior Court, nor from the Arizona Attorney General's Office, nor from the Office of the Governor of Arizona. They all want to keep it quiet. The attribute at the top of the article reads: REPUBLIC MEXICO CITY BUREAU

It was released in Mexico City by the Mexican Foreign Minister to demonstrate to the people of Mexico just how much influence and clout that Mexico has in Arizona.

Rodriguez Rodriguez is one of three Mexican nationals on Arizona's death row and the second to have his sentence changed since October.

Based on this precedence all Americans sentenced in Mexican courts should have their sentences determined by Americans. Do you think our State Department would support Americans in this fashion?

Don't hold your breath.

Just one more example of why there are citizen militias. No one else is watching the door.

Tim Richardson

When you read this 10,000 illegal aliens will have already entered Arizona during February.


      February 9, 2003
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