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Loss of Shuttle and Face

To:  President <[email protected]>
Cc:  Vice President <[email protected]>,
        Bonnie Eggle  http://www.kriseggle.org/
Sent:  Saturday, February 01, 2003 1:39 PM
Subject:  Loss of shuttle and face

With all due respect and certainly meaning no disrespect, I want to convey to you that your instantly televised comments and condolences regarding the loss of the shuttle crew rang hollow with me.

There were others that could have been acknowledged during that presentation.

While I grieve for all of the astronauts and their families I grieve no less for Law Enforcement Ranger Kris Eggle and his family, I grieve no less for the four anonymous Marine Corps pilots lost in Texas and their families, nor do I grieve less for all of our soldiers who have already been lost in the Middle East and their families.

I believe that it is an affront to those other families for the President of the United States to jump on the media band wagon, cranked up because of the glory profession and number lost, professing to grieve when no such professing has been put forward for the others mentioned.

Law Enforcement Ranger Kris Eggle was protecting our border against the cancer of illegal immigration and plague of addictive drugs when he was gunned down, some including I, believing at the hands of the Mexican Army.

Many citizens of this country do not even know that Marine Corps helicopters went down, in Texas, in support of fighting the cancer and plague, let alone know what their names were, where they went to school, where they were from or anything about their families.  Some, including I, wondering if they were shot down by the Mexican Army or drug cartels.

I do not believe that any life given in the service of a person's country is any less significant than any other.  The ultimate sacrifice by the General is no more significant than the ultimate sacrifice by the Private.  The ultimate sacrifice by a Park Ranger is no less significant than the ultimate sacrifice by the astronaut.

Tim Richardson
Vietnam Veteran


      March 13, 2003
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