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An Open Letter to the United States Congress
Illegal Immigration

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From:  tim
Date:  Thu, 26 Dec 2002 07:39:37 -0700

An Open Letter to the United States Congress

The line has been drawn in the sand on the southern border of Arizona, not unlike the line drawn at the Alamo. You do remember the Alamo? It has come time for everyone to decide which side they are on.

If the following three items do not chill your blood you are on the wrong side of the line.

1. Houston Chronicle: Castaneda, who is high in the Mexican government, said Mexican officials will use the nation's consulates to rally unions, churches, universities and Mexican communities to support the idea. Castaneda said. "We are already giving instructions to our consulates that they begin propagating militant activities -- if you will -- in their communities," according to the brief in the Texas newspaper.

2. The Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, plans to station officials along the border who would help migrants with legal and medical questions, the party said in a statement. It added that the program would set up permanent contacts within the migrant community, creating a network of officials who would help Mexicans once they reach the United States.

3. Local (Arizona) lawyers on 100-member Mexico council. They'll represent legal and illegal U.S. immigrants. Isabel Garcia and Jose Lerma will be among the council members, all of whom are U.S. residents.

The council will be chaired by President Vicente Fox and will have a committee of representatives from Mexico's government ministries, Flores Vizcarra said.

"I think in general what the Mexican government wants is a joint sovereignty with the United States over Mexican nationals living in this country," said Steven Camarota, research director of the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington, D.C.

Isabel Garcia, one of the representatives to the new council, is with the publicly funded Pubic Defenderā's Office in Tucson, Arizona and is going to serve on a council directly reporting to the President of Mexico. If that is not a conflict of interest and a national security risk, then none exists.

Forays by the Mexican Army abound. Like the Alamo, the initial stand is being made by citizen militias. Maybe Sam Houstonā's army can arrive before there is a major confrontation. If not at least there is someone between us and the invasion.

Tim Richardson


      February 9, 2003
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